Natural Remedies To Help Counter Phobias

Phobias are an irrational fear. Symptoms of phobia may be so severe that they are debilitating and cause a disruption of everyday life. Currently, it is estimated that at least 10 percent of people in the UK and more than 10 percent of the U.S. Population, suffer from phobias. There are many great alternative health care remedies like homeopathy and aromatherapy that can help to reduce phobias.

Typical phobias include being claustrophobic or afraid of enclosed spaces, agoraphobic or afraid of open spaces, fear of heights or acrophobia. Many phobias are related to objects, situations, and even a person. If you’ve had an unpleasant experience you’re much more likely to have a phobia about that particular situation, person or object. The symptoms may range from a mild panic to terror. You may struggle to refocus your thoughts and feel like you need to flee the situation. You may have severe trembling or mild trembling. You may feel the flight or fight response. You may feel dizzy. All of these are typical reactions for a phobia.

Homeopathy In Phobias

Homeopathy offers hope and help for many phobias. Qualified homeopaths will design a specific treatment protocol for your specific phobia. These treatments may include any of the following:

Argentum Nitricum or Nitrate of Silver. This may be given for fear of heights or general confusion and anxiety.

Phosphorus is suggested for a fear of the dark or being alone.

Gelsemium is ideal for someone who is feeling weak-kneed or has a fear of any public performance.

Aconite may be used for a fear of death or when the mind is paralyzed in fear.

Arnica is ideal for relieving stress that is brought on by an injury or an accident.

Flower Essences

These are another form of treatment and work well for many. They help to bring balance back to the mind and soul. The treatments will vary according to the mental state of the person. They may include:

The stimulus for such things as fear of being late to work, fear of flying or fear of spiders.

Aspen is ideal for any unspecified fear or something that is vague or general anxiety.

Red Chestnut is ideal for those who are concerned about others safety and happiness.

Rock Rose is ideal for fears that turn into terror or a panic attack.

Agrimony is ideal for those who are anxious and worry frequently. Especially if they try to hide this by making fun of things often.


Essential oils have long been touted as useful for phobias. They help to reduce tension and induce a calm feeling. They can be used in a bath, in a message or even in a vaporizer or carrier oil. Many oils to consider are bergamot, chamomile, jasmine, geranium, lavender, melissa, marjoram and ylang-ylang.

It’s vital to seek out the advice of a professional before simply treating phobias. Even minor symptoms can be hiding a serious underlying condition.