Natural Remedies Help Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a condition that arises due gathering of fluids in your interstitial tissues surrounding the lymph glands. This happens when the lymph nodes are not available or spoiled. This leads to a complication in the lymphatic system. The function of the lymphatic system is to eliminate excessive lymph from your system via the lymphatic vessels.

If this condition is persistent and ignored, other problems will arise including infection and poor recovery from wounds. Though treatment is necessary there are natural remedies required to ease the effects of lymphedema.

Lymphedema exists in two forms. Primary lymphedema which is due to lack of lymph nodes or other complications in the lymphatic system, which always happen at birth. Secondary lymphedema may be caused when the lymph nodes are removed after surgery, contagions, distortions, developments of scar tissues and even radiation treatments.

Cancer patients who undergo treatment are subject to lymphedema. This is because of the removal of the lymph nodes. If this condition is not properly treated it may lead to swelling and inflammation of the limbs and other parts of your body.

Lymphedema can also limit oxygen availability in your system. This leads to a development of a favorable environment for bacteria to flourish. This should not be substituted or confuse with edema. Though untreated edema can lead to a destruction of the lymphatic system. This condition requires the same treatment as lymphedema.

If you have lymphedema, contacting a physician is a good step in the right direction. You should avoid determining the blood pressure and use vaccinations like IVís.

Some of the best ways of treating lymphedema are to perform an exercise, having a massage, and wearing tight clothes. There are other additional things that you should consider that will help a lot if you are diagnosed with this condition. This involves the following:

Regularly perform detoxification to get rid of toxins from your system.

Do exercise and change your diet in order to help lose weight.

Be sure to adhere to the Budwig Diet, this also has an added advantage to cancer patients and have very good effects in blood flow. Hence the better flow of lymph is achieved.

Refrain from junky foods. These are a group of foods like those processed ones, fast foods, sugar sweeteners, and unhealthy oils like coconut and tropical oils. Eat many vegetables and fruits regularly. Use natural milk supplements like yogurt and probiotics. Probiotics ensure as table colony of helpful bacteria in your intestines improving your immune system and help to eliminate toxins from the system.

There are although supplements and herbs that can be used to relieve lymphedema include:

1)    Bromelain.

This assists in lessening the swelling and soreness. 250 to 500 milligrams of Bromelain is recommended. While using Bromelain make sure you are on an empty stomach. Bromelain works best on a three times per day dose.

2)    Butcher’s Broom.

This helps the walls of blood vessels as well as relieving of edema, swelling of feet and soreness. The recommended prescribed amount of Butcherís Broom is 100 milligrams per day daily. The prescription should take at least three months.
3)    Emu Oil.

This oil helps improve blood circulation around the body and relieve soreness. Apart from that, it assists cells to keep a healthy immune system. Recommended prescription is 1000 milligrams once per day.

4)    Horse Chestnut
This assists in relieving inflammation and lessens phlebitis.

5)    Flax Seed Oil
These should be taken at least twice a day. Recommended dose is 1000 milligrams twice per day. Flax seed oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

6)    Fish Oil.

Just like Flax seed oil, this acts as anti- inflammatory. Taking one to two pills before bed is recommended.

7)    Boswellia Serrata
It is an Ayurvedic herb. It assists in relieving soreness.

8)    Ginger Tea.

Ginger tea can be found in your local shop. It assists much in improving blood circulation and at the same time relieves inflammation. Ginger can be taken with tea or mixed with hot water before drinking. A dose of three times per day is recommended.

9)    Grape Seed

Grape seed helps to excerpt a very powerful antioxidant that helps stop reduce inflammation. Take about 200mg each day.

10)    Calcium and Magnesium

Ensure a ratio of 2:1 of calcium to magnesium respectively, this aid to clear radicals from the system and reduce inflammation.

11)    Colloidal Silver

This help stops boost the immune system hence a better prevention from infections.