Important Natural Remedies For Getting Rid Of Skin Tags

Skin tags are usually benign, small growths of the skin that appear on skin surfaces such as the neck, face, chest, groin or underarms. Even though they look like excess skin, they are complete with fat cells, fibers, ducts and nerve cells. They can be bothersome at times, and make a person self-conscious. Luckily, skin tags can be cured with effective home remedies. Two of the methods involve oils. If you have never applied the oil before, it is best to dilute it with a bit of water, especially people with skin impurities must be careful when applying oil directly on the skin.

Tea Tree Oil

the-scientists-opinions-on-whether-the-tea-tree-oil-kill-liceAborigines in Australia have been using tea tree oil for thousands of years to cure cuts and burns. Tea tree oil a.k.a. Melaleuca is an antiseptic. In fact, it was one of the most effective antiseptics used by Australian doctors during the early part of the 20th century. It is highly effective in removing skin tags. The oil is diluted with olive oil when used on people with sensitive skin. Once it is applied on the skin tag, cover the tag with a band-aid. Reapply one drop of the solution two more times during the day. You may notice the skin tag shrink until it falls off in a few days. If you don’t notice any improvement within a couple of days, try to apply the oil on a more frequent basis during the day. Increase the tea tree oil concentration in the diluted blend. Tea tree oil is great to remove skin tags and keep the area from being infected.


garlic-with-parsley-leavesFresh garlic is another effective antiseptic. Wash the affected area with soap and water. Slice a clove of garlic into small pieces, rub it all over the skin tag. Cut the clove to the size of the skin tag, apply it on the skin tag and cover with a band-aid. Leave it throughout the day, and remove it in the night and wash the area before bed. Repeat the process until the skin tag falls off. It may take approximately 4-6 days for this. Alternatively, the garlic treatment can be done before bed and removed in the morning.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apples-and-vinegarThis is another effective antiseptic. It can be used to successfully remove skin tags. First, wash and clean the affected area by running warm water over the affected area until the skin tags become soft. Once the tags are soft, place a piece of cotton soaked in apple cider vinegar on it. Leave it on the skin tag for approximately 20-30 minutes, and rinse the vinegar off. Repeat the process two to three times a day until the skin tags are no more. Apple cider vinegar is also an effective natural remedy to remove skin tags, similar to garlic and tea tree oil. All these three elements are easily found in any household kitchen. This is the beauty of using these 100% natural home remedies to remove skin tags for good.

The aforementioned information provides some of the most effective natural remedies for getting rid of skin tags for good. The process will help you save money and your valuable time in the long run.